Summer Conditioning

Summer Conditioning Program
Designed to work on upper body strength,endurance, legs and core. Perform this program for thirty minutes every other day.
Do a few minutes of basic stretching exercises.
o Quad pulls
o Down the middle
o Side to side
o Toe grabs
o Butterfly

Part I
These drills are performed in a continuous flow. Go from one to the next with no break in between.

• 10 Push-Ups
• 5 Dot Agility Drill – 2 sets
• 10 Sit-Ups
• Left Leg Hop (5 Cycles) – 2 sets
• 10 Push-Ups (Incline if you can)
• Two Leg Hop (5 Cycles) – 4 Sets
• 10 Sit-Ups
• Right Leg Hop (5 Cycles) – 2 Sets
• Octagon Hop (8 Cycles) – 4 sets

Break 2 minutes
Part II
These drills are performed in a continuous flow.

• 10 Push-Ups (Incline if possible)
• 10 Prisoner Squats – 2 Sets
• 10 Bicycle Sit-ups
• 10 Squat Thrusts – 4 Sets
• Planks – 3 of 20 seconds each – 2 Sets
• 10 Push-Ups (Incline if Possible)
• 10 Bicycle Sit-ups

Break 2 minutes
Part III

• 20 Push-Ups
• 20 Sit-Ups

• ½ mile run (goal time is 3:30)

The above program is designed to work a player for 30 minutes every other day and help them stay in shape throughout the summer when they are not with their team. Each player can increase the total number of push-ups and sit-ups above and beyond what is outlined above if they want to go longer and harder than 30 minutes.

If possible work with a friend who can help keep you motivated and on course.


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